1. Convenience and Consistency

Convenience and consistency is what we pride ourselves on at Carco Auto. Our customers are our most important asset and our number one priority. Every customers’ needs are unique, therefore, we personalize the entire car-buying experience so that it`s better suited for you. This is accomplished by assigning an experienced Lending Agent to each customer. The Lending Agents’ main goal is to minimize the amount of interruptions to complete your purchase. In most instances, we can help you choose your financing as well as your vehicle, and have you on your way all in the same day. Additionally, at the time of your purchase, our qualified agents can provide you with valuable information to assist you in selecting warranty options as well as additional coverage. The cost of these additional options can be built right into the loan. We get satisfaction at Carco Auto when streamlining the buying experience while at the same time assisting our customers in making informed decisions that best suit their needs.

2. Flexibility

We know you lead a busy life and that taking time off work to shop for a vehicle might not be an option. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the luxury of shopping for your next vehicle when it`s convenient for you. Anytime you want to discuss your options with a lending agent, simply pick up the phone and give us a call, as we`re here to serve you. Our mandate is to provide relief for today and hope for tomorrow.

3. Unbeatable Selection

Simply put, nobody beats Carco Auto in reference to vehicle options and selection. Whether you’re seeking a new family SUV, a stylish coupe, a cute convertible – or anything in between – Carco Auto has the used car for you. Our vast selection of nearly all makes and models are readily available for your selection.

4. Honesty, Transparency & Values

Even though we sell used vehicles, we understand that this vehicle is new to you. Our reconditioning facilities inspect each and every vehicle from bumper to bumper. This will put your mind at ease when you get behind the wheel as by law, a vehicle cannot be sold without passing a thorough mechanical inspection. While used car dealers are only required to report, and furthermore disclose vehicle damages of over $3,000, we believe that our customers are entitled to these pertinent details when making a purchase. We provide a free Car Proof report with every vehicle purchase, showcasing anything from a small scratch or dent to the more intensive repairs. We also have an internal Value Tree that every member of our team abides by. It is imbibed in our culture and defines the way we do business.

5. Flexible Financing

You`re in need of financing? Our communication with a vast and reputable network of both minor and major lenders allows us to shop the market for the best rate possible for our customers. This allows us to provide car loans to nearly anyone in Canada, regardless of your financing needs or current credit situation. With Carco Auto being a company that caters to customers nation-wide, we have the ability to offer lower rates due to the volume of business that is generated. Savings in interest rate can make a dramatic difference in payments throughout the lifetime of the loan.